Radio Maria Restaurant
We love the blue lit bar at this unique spot downtown Champaign where we met for our second date.  Since then, we have also celebrated Jason’s 35th birthday here.  Beau and Jason particularly enjoy their brunch after an eventful evening.  The small plate menu is fabulous and the beer and wine selections are second to none in this area.  You will feel more like you are in Chicago than Champaign.
Seven Saints Bar
The spot of the second half of our first date and our first scotch together.  This place has the best sliders in town…and not your typical.  You can find salmon, tuna and sweet potato sliders and the most extensive list of scotch and whiskey in central Illinois.  
Esquire Lounge
The spot of our first date in Champaign.  We drank Stella and talked for hours barely touching our pear and blue cheese pizza.  It was still awesome cold!  This spot is a favorite of many of the locals for a pizza and beer and the interior hasn’t changed since my Grandpa started working at U of I.  Plus, there is a condiment bar, who doesn’t love that?!?!?
Sun Singer Wines
This is the spot where Jason and I like to go to eat some amazing hummus and other small plates and sample spectacular wine in a place that is off the beaten path and every detail is chosen carefully.  Also a great place to pick up a delicious bottle of wine without stopping at Picadilly’s.  
Farrens Pub
The first spot Jason said ‘I love you’ and he wasn’t talking to me…he was talking to the Bison Burger he ordered.  Since introducing him to the spot, it is now a favorite of Beau, Jason and I’s on Sunday afternoons concluding a long and exciting weekend of revelry.  Their jalapenos are some of the hottest I have ever tasted.   For those that know me, know this is a strong statement.  For a true ‘almost underground feel’ and the best burger around, hit up this place!
Bacaro Wine Lounge
The sight of our incredible dinner the night Jason concluded teaching a leadership program, Imprint, to 250 U of I students.  The wine and the small but divine menu please the most discriminating of palates.  You will feel like you have been transported to Napa Valley are a deep corner of the city.

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