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Our first Illini football game together in fall 2011. Jason learned how to properly do a Wilson tailgate. Brittany learned how to properly wear the famous orange hat.

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Jason's birthday celebration with EMBA classmates. A serenade on the "EL" and dancing afterwards ensued. Brittany planned down to the smallest detail, but Jason still lost his phone.

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Karon Beach, Thailand, May 2012. Perfect white sand, clear ocean water and no better company. Jason needed lots of sun screen for his head.

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Phi Phi Islands, Thailand. Before the storms rolled in we enjoyed breathtaking views of the most perfect landscape…and a few Europeans that mistook themselves for swimsuit models.

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EMBA graduation, May 2012. The light at the end of the tunnel. Caps and gowns are just as awful to wear the second time as they are the first. However, this time Jason left Champaign with more than just a degree.

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Chicago Bears game, November 2012. Nothing better than the city in late fall, a Bears win and a beautiful blonde by your side.

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